Frequently Asked Questions about Beach Steps

How do I know how many steps to order?

The best way is to measure the height of the bow when you are beached, and refer to the chart on the website. Often times this isn't an option, so send us an email with year make and model, and we can make a recommendation based on our experience. 

What if I order the wrong number of steps?

This is no problem, as the steps are modular. In other words, you can remove an unneeded step if you have too many, or add an extra step at a later date if you move to a bigger boat. You'll know you have the correct number of steps when the arms that pivot are approximately 90deg to each other when deployed

What else will I need for my Beach Steps?

You will need a 10-15' length of 3/8" dock line to secure to the bottom rung of the ladder so you can retrieve/collapse it when leaving the beach. You'll also need fasteners and marine sealant for attaching the clevis brackets to the bow. Contact for complete installation instructions. We also recommend a small rectangular bucket that can be filled with water and placed at the base of the steps to rinse your feet before stepping aboard.

My boat already has brackets installed, will Beach Steps fit?

More than likely the answer is yes. Both the GR8 White Accordion Gangplank and the St. Croix Bow to Beach Ladder have the same bracket mounting width. If your brackets are between 15.5" and 16" center to center and have 1/4" holes, they will work just fine!

Do Beach Steps work for Pontoons?

You bet! Beach Steps work great on pontoons. You will want to double check that you have enough of a platform at the bow to attach the steps to, and of course a solid structural member to attach the brackets to (not just plywood).

Do Beach Steps work well for dogs?

Absolutely! Dogs learn to use them very easily. So easily in fact, you may end up with unexpected 4-legged visitors on the bow (until their owners come peel them off your boat).

What if my boat doesn't have a bow rail?

Most of the time if the boat doesn't have a bow rail around the perimeter of the bow, it is best to remove the ladder when not in use. Some applications like pontoons have a flat surface where the collapsed ladder can be flipped upside down such that it rests on that surface.

How long will my order take?

Each ladder is built to order and lead times vary based on our workload, time of year, vacations, etc. In general we get ladders shipped out between 2 and 4 weeks after receipt of order. It can go longer due to raw material supply which has been unpredictable recently.