About Us

The name "Bumper Becky" was earned on the islands north of Stillwater, MN along the St. Croix river. Legend has it that during a series late nights spent on the beach with like-minded yahoos, numerous libations, and amongst much laughter, someone said "Bumper Becky." Some say it describes Becky's bodacious curves, others say it refers to her vivacious personality, but most believe it refers to her lack of motor functions after a few cocktails. How fitting we thought, to launch the Bumper Becky brand with the product everyone joked she so desperately needed. After building and installing our first set of Beach Steps, we knew we'd need to be making more of them.

Bumper Becky Beach Steps are built in Stillwater, MN just a few miles from the beautiful St. Croix river. When Becky's not building Beach Steps, chances are she's on the water.

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